julio 26, 2004

Finals in the time of Cholera (take II)

Argh, so not understanding much about computing in general and blogging in specific, I lost my original post and will clumsily recreate here in much less time as I am now hungry.  This is my first real blog post, as most of the others on this site traversed tortuous cyberspace and untold inboxes before arriving on the blog.  Which leads me to some obligatory existential reflection on how weird it is to type this message into seeming oblivion and know that my dearest friends can check in on some of my deepest thoughts willy-nilly and I'll never be the wiser.  My mind is set towards reflecting on the fragmented postmodern, cyber and TV world we live in because I just took a final on the theoretical framework of popular culture (did you know ANYTHING can have a theoretical framework?), but not so much popular as in Britney Spears, as in popular social and economic classes.  The people you see on the street doing and saying things you don't quite understand, who interest you, but yet you deny giving them change, or shy away when it looks like they might be approaching you, but wonder what their house must be like and if they'd cook you a nice soup if you were to become friends.  But could you become friends, especially here where you are less so than in some places, but still ostensibly foreign, and may never really understand? 
This final was the last one.  I feel almost obligated to punctuate with exclamation points having arrived triumphantly at the end of the study abroad endeavor, and since in Latin America the possibility of undertaking and successfully finishing even the smallest errand can be slightly better than miniscule (i.e. We got our ticket refund!!!!!).  Though that success wasn't without costs, as we spent 185 hours on busses of varying degrees of misery in three weeks and I conquered cholera!  (see, exclamation points?)  Of course not knowing what demonic bug I had and not wanting to risk a hosptial in Bolivia, I just knew I had 'get the hell out of my way, I'm headed back to the bathroom.'  But with the help of the Internet, Randy and I discovered that it was, in fact, cholera (http://www.cdc.gov/travel/diseases/cholera.htm).  It turns out to not be as bad as the big name made me think it would be, and since it is a big name disease, is kinda fun to *have* had. 
Now with Randy still laid out sick and no finals to distract me, I have nothing to do but contemplate the poignant and bitter and sad yet excited-to-talk-about-my-adventure feeling that's permeating me knowing I have to leave in ten days.  Coming home from vacation sucks enough, but going back to an old home after having made a new one in another country sucks bad.  Since I'm a compulsive list maker, maybe sharing a list of all the things I have a burning need to do again and for the first time will somehow purge me of feeling sorry for myself. 
(In no particular order, save that this is the one they occurred to me in)
- Visit ecological preserve near the port
- Take another tango lesson with Fredo
- See Che's Motorcycle Diary movie
- Eat at pizzeria with Boca fan waitress and busty waitress
- Get takeout from Miguelangel
- Buy wine from Wine Guy whose name I can't remember
- See flamenco show at restaurant belonging to Wine Guy's wife
- Sit in park drinking mate watching dogs try to make love
- Make out in park as do all other Argentines of any age
- Walk down annoying pedestrian mall where all vendors try to speak English to me just for novelty
- Maybe watch Madres de la Plaza de Mayo parade again
- Manage to stay up at bars all night without leaving shamefully at 4 or 5 when others are still arriving
- Eat lots of empanadas, starting right now.


Blogger glasshole said...

10 Days? Crikey (sp?). Can't wait to see you!
Don't die on us, Randy!

9:23 p. m.  
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