febrero 24, 2004

More e-mail to Cara (edited)

Dear Cara,
So, I´m sitting next to Randy in a two foot square box with a really slow
internet connection. Doesn´t really matter who you address things to, but you
know how sore he gets about everyone´s phone saying `Anna.` Frustratingly, the ranna and andy thing even carries over into Spanish. Oh, the injustices I´ve tried to flee!!! Btw, rana means frog.
randy says hi from the other corner of the box. he still hasn´t bought you
the promised christmas gift. shhh...he says. Hey, I tried to email Ben and it sent the message back. Can you punch him or something? Anyway, we have to do other stuff online since it´s been rare lately, then go eat a goat.

anna and randy
randy and anna