marzo 26, 2004

Knives (e-mail to Ben)

Hi, Ben -
It was good talking to you the other day when you were at mom's house; sorry I had to run so fast, but having gotten onto Argentine time, I was going to be late for class. All my professors fight hard against "argentine time," saying things like - class starts at 3, at 3! and - let's take a ten minute break; ten minutes isn't half an hour!
Yesterday I went to my politcal parties class and the room wasn't big
enough for everyone registered, so we moved across the street, but then had to find fifteen more chairs, so that whole process took about half an hour or fourty-five minutes of the class. I'm pretty worried about how much reading I have to do for all my classes - about a two hundred photocopied pages per month, per class (4). Truthfully, I should probably be reading right now; probably should have been reading all day and not stayed in bed until almost five! But I don't have class on Fridays, so the incentive just wasn't there.
I hope that your wootz project is going better now, that you've gotten the clay to cooperate better. I'm attaching two pictures I took of a pattern
welded knife at a rodeo in Junin. He also had some made from bicycle
chains and other used metals, but I thought this one looked nicest.
Randy's parents are back in Oak Ridge now and have tons of pictures, and your cigar. When you go to OR, you should look at the Juras' pictures (once they've pared them down to a hundred or so; they took, god, probably thousands of pictures), and the CDs that I sent to our parents. Write to us if you get the urge!!!