abril 11, 2004

Dirty Old Men (e-mail to Cara)

So, the longer I'm here the more I'm actually starting to feel like a 40-something single guy: tonight I caught myself thinking, "I really don't feel like walking 20 minutes to the movie theater, but at least I can drink a couple of beers and watch some porn on cable..." Tonight R and I went to a restaurant/bar called "Viejo Indecente" (Dirty Old Man), which is true to its name, and is full of dirty old men. There's one cute young waitress, but a whole lot of cute young men too, maybe to give the women more to do while their husbands are checking out the tourists at the bar... Anyway,
Randy joined the bar as a member, and that means they'll cook him a cake on his
birthday, maybe shaped like boobs.
This weekend we went to the country with Andres' parents, but it was cold and rainy so I got some reading and studying done. Since almost nobody here is really catholic, there's not a lot going on: most of Buenos Aires went to the beach this weekend. And I forgot to buy a chocolate bunny so maybe I'll drink instead. mmmmm....drinking and not doing schoolwork -- this, in fact, IS what I was missing about the college experience all along. Except most of this college experience is in Spanish, and I love it.
I, on the other hand, miss YOU. Sell glass--come here. After the plane ticket it's cheap and wonderful. we saw the preview of the opera for $1.60 last week. Steaks are even cheaper than that.