abril 23, 2004

To Cara (edited)

Dear Cara,
I was about to settle in and write you a long endearing letter, but was rudely interrupted by the sound of a jackhammer directly below my apartment; this is new. Usually it's just car alarms and motorbike delivery guys (has this country HEARD of a muffler?)
Miraculously, I'm awake before noon with nary a class in the world to attend today. So I'm puttering around on the internet, racking up local phone charges. This weekend I'm forcing myself to lay low and study which is un-fucking-believably hard in a city with so much to do. I am taking a break to go to the international independent film festival that lasts a week every year here; and maybe the huge, enormous city book fair. Oh, the devil, he makes me spend the money!!! Made me spend money on a futbol game this week, too. Totally awesome, but that'll be another story.
Apparently Lauren Biloski who was in my class in OR is coming to Argentina for a few weeks this summer/winter...isn't that weird? I can't tell you how much I wish it was you-- I MISS YOU!!!! You know, the city's great and all, but you're fabulous!