junio 18, 2004

Boca (to Cara-edited)

Yes, Boca also means mouth in Spanish. The team name comes from their
neighborhood, La Boca, which is a poor neighborhood on a port - la boca del
rio Riachuelo (I think I spelled it right). But I can't attest to why they
named them Mouth Burgers - kind of turns me off, actually. Then again, there
are Barfy Burgers here...
...it's a little strange to me that a melange of my high school classmates have become your newfound summer social web (and Adam's). But I give my full past apartment occupier approval for youto stay on there as long as you like. Although hanging out with Susan and Jimena is really quite rewarding. The little one is hilarious.
I'm going to Uruguay tomorrow with Randy so he can renew his visa (and pay a fine for getting robbed!) before we go on our grand excursion later. Today I spent the whole day chained to the computer writing a paper/exam thing. It's exciting that I can do a shitload of research and whip out seven pages in Spanish in a day and a half.
I have these fake Lee Press-On teeth things until I get my real crowns put on Wednesday so I've been eating finger foods with a knife and fork and haven't been able to bite or touch my molars together for a week. I'm ready for this to end! My boca is giving me some agony. Have a good weekend and love on my pets for me when you see them.