junio 06, 2004

Feliz Saturday

Hullo all -

Well, now it’s official: I’m never running for president, but at least I had a good day. There was a big (at least 10,000 people) march throughout a good part of the capital today culminating at the US embassy. It was a march against the war in Iraq, but with a strong communist slant, so its side causes were Palestine, Cuba and Venezuela. Always up for an interesting, somewhat uncomfortable but rewarding experience, we decided to literally plaster our nationality all over ourselves. We walked seven or so miles through the city with the commies with signs saying “US Citizen Against Bush’s War” (en español, of course). We got very strong support from most people: one guy told us he loved us, a guy told me Cubans cheer ‘long live the American people’ on workers’ holidays, were photographed more than I’ve ever been before, and gave a couple of interviews to reporters. Next time you’re in your neighborhood communist library, look for me in a documentary about current social issues. All in all, a good day with lots of people, riot police and burning stuff. In other news, Randy’s new passport came! (quite a relief before a rousing protest at the US embassy...) School’s good but nearing the end of term and the weather’s kind of gray and hazy. Hope all’s well up north.