junio 28, 2004

Fun with Bureaucracy (to Cara-edited)

Right now Randy and I are in Resistencia, Argentina (you haven't heard of it
for a reason...) and Ben is winging his way back to our apartment on the bus.
It's strange seeing someone else here that I know so well. He's having a great time, I think.
I'm still completely up in the air about whether or not we're going to Lima, but it kinda looks like it. I can at least guarantee you we're spending the next two solid days on the bus and I'm getting sick. Yay. Actually I don't hold hardly anthing against the Peruvian airline, just the US government. Not only are they fucking over all the airlines' (probably decent people)employees because their boss may or may not have been a drug kingpin(queenpin, actually), but they're actually outright stealing our money. The airline is all smiles and roses about giving it to us, but the US will seize any money they attempt to send outside of their borders to any institution. It makes me not at all more wary of being abroad, but of going back to the US. In truth, not to be a cynical expatriot or anything, but it certainly seems that most people's heartaches in most of the world have to do with the US. We
suck. I don't want to be we anymore. There's not even gòod bus service in the US.
Randy says hi from the chair next door.