junio 30, 2004

Fun with Bureaucracy II (to Cara-edited)

Much as you might envy our "south american odyssey" it kind of sucks spending my whole vacation on busses trying to get to a place that may or may not be open and may or may not hand me a stack of US dollars. On the other hand, we might get to swing by Machu Pichu, which never sounds bad. On the upside, all this bustling through the continent may cause me to miss an exam and fail my favorite class (ironically, precolombian art!!).

Right now we're in Salta and about to ride a ski lift up a hill since we've been making unsuccessful phone calls all day. The catholic schoolgirls wear their skirts even shorter than in Buenos Aires, and some come complete with ties and cigarettes(interchangeable with chewing gum). Randy's "bohemian tendencies" are rearing up.

I don't know if Farenheit 9/11 is coming out down here. Argentina has recently re-made it onto the US list of bad places, so hopefully it will come here soon. Gotta go ride a thing.

randy, from the chair next door, feels like an old pervert as he drools over
12 year old schoolgirls.